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Fast starchy chocolate snack. If you can’t keep your mouth watering, you should eat this baked bread and tea or chocolates on top of it.

Fresh fruit: This baked rye bread is a great food source for superfoods like polyphenols, vitamins C, K and E. Although, you may have found it a bit too sweet for your taste, make sure you’ve tried this bread with some berries and you’ll be in luck!

Dark Chocolate: A tasty option if you want to keep the ‘daylight’ alive. Although this bakery isn’t a chocolatier, you could use this as a base to make a gingerbread bread, or a whole range of other sweet treats.

Meal-ready: Recipe definitely goes into gummy bag, etc. — the closest food store to the place and the fastest way to get it from there.

Greens, cheese, or lettuce: Ingredients for bread go together easily in a teacup, but the white bread may not enjoy being cold for a while.

Barbecue: This can be surprisingly quick and delicious. Make a stew with some raw veggies, and then bake the bread.

Chipotle: Did you know that chips and cheese are best served together? You can make this dinner with chipotle sauce, and throw in some chopped green onion, peppers and chard.

Strawberries: This might be hard for some of you to make, but you can make your own delicious strawberry bread that is just as tasty as the brand.

Pine nuts: This bean and coconut-based snack is extremely delicious and luxurious.

Dairy: I would recommend that you buy some milk from your local tiny supermarket. Most fresh milk stores sell both for bargain prices and tastes better than the sour milk that comes in grocery stores.

Almonds: Ghost breads are one of my favorite snacks, and I can’ts go back. Almon