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December 12th 2017

Improving performance of MySQL with NoSQL Database

October 25th 2017, FastCGI

Using PHP to Memstick Console with Node.JS

(I think it's faster than using GIT)

January 1st 2017

Martin H. Shepherd Blog:

Losing SQL

Without SQL they lose everything. They can't write EJBs. They lack transactions. They cannot edit database's rows.

It is a marketing nightmare to build web-based applications with any advanced technology.

Computer scientists often say, "It's the database all over again." It's true. Doing something better than a functional version of a database will be expensive. However, if everything is done with custom RDBMS, "NgxSQL" will take very little up front investment.

A "Limited Run" SQL solution can be affordable. When there are changes that require updating the databases, the SQL system can be applied by directly wirelessly using the desktop machine or servers connected to the Web.

There are faults in traditional implementations of SQL Server that make it hard for developers to make a SQL query work in a way that is acceptable to the business requirements.

These hardfork problems exist in a wide variety of database systems, and lead to a number of problems that can break the application.

The above is no exception. Each database tends to have its own hooks of bad behavior. And the problems affect both the dataset that the application is actually observing and the datatype defined on that datasets

SQL is a very simple and seamless language for doing business. It is easy to access and understand. It even has easy friendly syntax. The same is true for all of our object oriented languages such as Javascript or Python.