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Add platform.

In the reverse, will an appler able to offer a suite of personalized, high-performance custom services, in addition to having an in-app purchase experience to enhance the value of the app? In the future, will apps, especially those that offer secure private clouds for internal use, require data storage as much as the user is willing to spend on data access?

Apps that are supposed to handle bandwidth consumption will need more storage capacity. If you find yourself skipping many Web pages because they incur too much storage, how do you ensure you can keep your entire data clear without having to transfer it to other devices? And how do all of these apps scale up without having a huge amount of bandwidth unavailable to some parts of the world?

Others like to ask: Does the need for more storage require the creation of such a service? If so, how will the associated costs look?

There are many businesses in the cloud-using community trying to figure out the answer to these questions, and there is no shortage of papers and blog posts featuring the best ideas about solutions to these issues.

Ultimately, though, most will just focus on providing more storage, but not necessarily more services.

Below is a complete list of the top most often asked questions, beginning with the most common.