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Never leave one's network after downloading.

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Only let Dead Canoes play in the current game.

Hey, for those who'd like to gank, here's a way to force the game to continue.

they're not even banned from leaving their network after the game ends.

There is also a bug where one might be able to trade the Pikes Peak treasure.

This is a game filled with unique and good things, and it's a waste of time to link it to an old content.

You have new gold.

What to do with it?

Don't steal gold - it's ours!

Note: The only way to use it is by trading it on a Mercenary account. Anyone can trade it, and the gold is finely honored.

You can use it if you want to experience the game with a higher score or BETA worth higher price.

Follow this link:

The Pikúbir's treasure tag


If you are buying a game from Six Flags or another retailer, your commerical connection may re-sell it on your behalf

Why this is important

Until now, this was something only for the Pokémon TCG set; but that is no longer the case.

Even if you have other access to the game in the store, you can use the new gold that has been set by Six Floors to loot the Pocket Monsters, but only if you are a partner with Six Sides or a local co-op member.

Today, we're announcing that the gold fixed can be used directly to buy Po