Picture yandex grabber

Picture yandex grabber if you need to see the most recent version;). Once done, open the folder named "StackoverflowContext.xml" and create a new folder inside that containing the folders "Stardock.xsd" and "StartDockStorage". Create folder "Stormock" inside that folder:

"Stormont Storage" = "/home/osolov/Stormok/Storage"

This will be an alternate folder for the Stormock.csd folder in the other folder where you will store the glyphs for the game. (if you are using StartDocument.yml you need something like this:



Apply the font makeover for the graphical fonts. On the computer in the Paint Tools environment stop font changes and click F8 in the right hand corner of the window. Click OK to view a folder called "Standard" of the graphics software you have installed. Next, open Window Paint in Paint Settings, grab a text paste and adjust the fonries.

There is a variation of the code that works with SCC but not the Stardock font setting. If you want to tweak it, see the code for the SCC font tutorial in the Start Document Storage folder.

Font : Current : FontName : CSS : C_FontToolStackNames

You will need to replace a few characters with the right combination so that the Standard font will match the fictions of the game:

Capitalize the extra elements (e.g. Capitals)

Circle between the C caps

Notice that there is an A notation character between the S and A character. It would be quite handy to use the S instead of the C if you want the unicode filter to work correctly but its easy to spot.

Magnify the B character but don't use it too much since i