Linking the web

Linking the web as a single entity (without headers).

The HTML is included as a theme in all sites built with HTML5, though some sites are currently using the older 3D look-and-feel while others use the more modern CSS3.

You are welcome to create your own skinny-fat little server, which is essentially the bare minimum necessary to build a decentralized Web application for real time data processing, presentation, and transactions. One of the biggest advantages of the JavaScript model is that the server can run on any language but JavaScript (Emscripten was intended as a less costly means of embedding PHP in web applications). The server code can be read from any files or in any format, depending on which language you are using.


There are two major reasons why you should choose JavaScript over other languages:

JavaScript (C) is more like an operating system than a programming language. Most programs written in JavaScript can be run on multiple machines, just like a computer or a smartphone.

Javascript does not use a single concept that is common for other languages. Most programming languages have legacy architectures that allow you to write programs in your own proprietary language instead of using an interpreter.


Although JavaScript can run in any language (including UTF-8), a few languages are much more common and are typically used in more complicated cases (e.g. Microsoft JScript, Microsoft Visual C++).

JS allows for caching and the ability to use JavaScript virtual machine features without all the expensive and complex features of either C or C++.

More importantly, the power of JavaScript lies in its persistence and power over time.

Over time, the popularity of JavaScript will likely increase and many languages will be replaced, leading to a strong competition for the API and uses of JavaScript.

Some major defining features of JavaScript:

JQuery is an object-oriented programming library which has access to a vast array of JavaScript functions (generators, mixers, dispatchers, and so on). As such, it is a powerful runtime suite with lots of extensions such as UIKit, ExtJs, Zend, Optimize, etc..

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