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Tension: Variation – i.e. usage of disks, shutdown, recording, and revision.

It affects how large your database is, do you need more storage?

Due to the amount of variation, it could be easier to have one database for each project. However, this can actually make it harder to perform tasks such as revision and use for other features. Therefore, you need to try and compromise the storage as best you can within your databases.

Availability – i.e. whether it would happen the same day or the next.

If you have multiple projects, or the system is changing, then it can be hard to catch up with the other users. In this regard, it is useful to have a database that is always available.

Performance – This is usually the first thought when you start thinking about databanks. This is the situation where the number of possible operations is limit.

Conclusion – Sometimes, you actually need all this information, but not all of it can exist. However when you can only have a single database, it becomes easier to manage and resize it. However you’ll still have to use the logs.

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