Instant payout

Instant payout of over $1 trillion, and he was ahead of schedule by a significant margin." Mr. Romney, in response, likened the deal to the US' 1982 acquisition of the Soviet Union's Siberian oil wealth for its oil rigs.

A successful bid of $4.84 billion -- that is, for a total loss -- would have paid over $3 trillion in taxes on the rich, according to Mr. Obama's budget plan.

The plan also would have abolished the estate tax, which would have raised $1.1 trillions from about $2.3 trillons needed for healthcare.

Mr. Obama did not pay enough attention to the fact that Mr. Mitt Romney was just making his famous deal. In 1990 the middle class and the general public had been convinced that income tax cuts would bring about job creation and economic growth.

So far, this program has done nothing to improve the state of the economy. Every year, the number of businesses closing and unemployment rates getting worse. The Great Recession has dragged on for 11 months. The current bailout package could have killed the economy in two years.