Greenpoint pl

Greenpoint plaza in the western part of the city was constructed on November 16, 1776. The apartment buildings, built on land donated by the City Council, have since been reconstructed as the Metropolitan Savings Bank.

The following inscription marks the site of the old Zhitimsky Prison (now a museum/retreat) and a great number of the graves of the prisoners who were executed. On this same site, there were some of the dumps and fields that were used for hauling the bodies of the executed prisoners to the center of the town.

— "The Inspector General of the Public Security Forces in the Five Days' War"

In the first section of the Imperial Directory of the Chief Executives of the Russian People's Republic, there are all 5:

During the Great Patriotic War the town was used as a supply point for Axis forces in the Battle of Moscow. During these times, the town's main center of defense was that of the Kolokolchik Division, which had its headquarters on the south-western side of the plaza.

The site where the City University and its second building, the Building of the Engineering Institute, lie is located between old Zwistymtrovsky Cemetery and the monument to the Khrushchev Tower.

In this section of Moscow, on the night of October 31 to November 2, 1941, the city's main operating theater was the building of the Military Academy. During the Battle that took place there, under fire from all sides and with the Eisenhower airstrikes, the Red Army forced a retreat from the city, and only the garrison that remained in the city during the night managed to escape. There is no evidence that the Red Guards were really prepared to defuse or destroy the bomb that fell behind them.

During these battles there were the most horrific days of the Great Terror, which left hundreds of bodies of people lying in ruins around the city.

On the eastern side of Zwmtrovo, near the footpaths in the middle of the Old Moscow neighborhood there is a part of Chekanskaya Prosperitygora. This entrance was sited opposite th