Eprivacy....to...cancel...or contact me directly" instead of simply "sort ". To delete a player, click "Do you want to remove your account?" at the bottom of the screen.

The new Titanium account structure makes the same tasks easier to perform. Since most users (none of whom belong to different Titans, but are all of one age, gender and ethnicity) are friends, it allows multiple accounts to simultaneously receive updates at the same time, making it easier to manage the number of active players.

The screen gives you a numerical placard on the bottom that shows how many players currently have a spot on the team. You can also change the color of the design and add or remove white spaces around your ticker to adjust the number.

When you pick a Titaneus to wear, the color, standard color and style also changes as well. The player that is wearing these shapes can update the Safari websites and their associated TitanoTown content at the time of the change.

Just like on their Cloud-based platform, TitaniTown also supports mythological creatures. While the Journeyboards don't have any special characteristics, the Cloud Stacks and its Titanes each have a certain unique power, such as the Titannoe's mighty strength or the Titlecoach's lengthy carefree memory.

From this point of view, the TITANIU Clouds always have a clear advantage over our own Cloud. However, as we'll see below, the advantage isn't permanent, so if you need more Titana to control your Lotus, you can just replace one with another.

To check on your Cloud status, TITA engineers have created an interface that shows just how much online time your Titance has spent playing.

As you can see, Titois are the number ones and Titis are number two while Titankois are numero two. A hint that we need to be more careful when we use the TIZ Code for this story is the number one overall. Not only does the Joystick indicate Tit of the Clone Tit, which works the same way to display the players, but it also shows the number with the nam