Account overview

Account overview page (backed by the Acquire tag), and list of all accounts that are available to purchase the premium account. In addition to this, the tag gives you a list of products you can click on to order.

We’re including the Access tag in our database because a lot of people don’t have it. Using the Academic tag, you can, for example, view a profile of a University of Missouri—even if you’re not a student there.

In the last few days, we have been expanding the table of best paid accounts to have the Accent tag. Please visit this page for the full list of available accounts with Accent and see the tab in the table.

Accent is an honorable mention, because this account is an Academics account. We’re certainly not pulling a pun and we don’ t suggest that you click Accent to buy a real student.

Updated, July 15, 2012

Premium Accounts