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Youtube extension, the Slavery of Races (), was a general-purpose breakdown and structure check engineer for HWY—Northwest Arkansas Line and for the Western Railroad Commission.

The engineer was responsible for the construction of the Great Northern Railway and Nashville and Chester Railroad; for building the Atlanta, Concord, and Ohio Railroad (AC&O), Elkridge and Nicholasville Railroad, and for constructing the new dual track Pittsburgh-Ballston Railroad between Chesapeake and Atlanta. He also oversaw the operations of the United States Mail Steamship Company.

He was born in Springfield, Missouri, on November 25, 1830, the son of Moses S. and Astley Emily (Brook) Sassen.

Sassen served in the U.S. Army from 1849 to 1852. In 1870, he moved to Baltimore, Maryland, where he worked as a contractor. He died in Elkstone, Pennsylvania, on December 8, 1896.