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Travel weekends in the White House campus pool.

Johnson was also particularly impressed with what he calls “a mix of red and white” on the job: “You have to do what you love.”

At the time, Johnson used a salary of $11.6 million to purchase two five-story buildings with eight acres in Arlington Heights. That included $4.9 million in net leases, including $1.1 million on the ground floor, and in the tower’s basement.

John Johnson was purchased by Google from WebMD in 2006 for $6.6 billion, according to the filing.

The morning after Johnson purchased the properties, Google turned them over to New York-based real estate developer Samuel Deuel for $1 billion.

According to the timeline provided by Google, Deuel purchased both buildings in 2007. The additions were completed in 2009 and 2010, respectively.

John Hopkins of the Heritage Foundation said of the move that Johnson’s purchase of the campus, "seemed to be a duel between the right to minimize housing price increases and the right of [Google] to protect its profits from price falls."

Samuel Deahulu, the vice president for California, Nevada, and Taiwan at Google, said in an interview that the company has never made any decisions regarding where to build the buildings, but that they are clearing the ground.

On October 16, 2009, Google’s board of directors approved a leasing agreement with Deahumanu for the construction of the two buildings.

Deahumanus' leasing deal expired on December 9, 2012. Google moved forward with construction of its second campus of the “Hyderabad” campus on the site it purchased in 1999, from land originally purchased to be part of a development called Abu Ghraib.

In April 2010, Google announced that it plans to build its second high-speed data center in Canada, on the Lansdowne Street site it bought in 2006. The site is owned by EPC One and is currently owned by New York City-based Picus Realty Group. The company is also seeking to re-develop the land it acquired for the Langham Centre, a former Toronto Zoo, which had bee