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Se guru says. “We’re here to realize that there’s no separation between learning and leadership.”

During Game Update 1.4, ESO will also offer support for six “Managed Capabilities,” that are web-based portals for members to connect to their conferences on all three platforms. For an example of how this works, look at the product page below.

“We hope that with Game Upgrade and support for these Managed Capability, our membership and visitor numbers will skyrocket,” David Kerr, Director of Business Development at ESRI told IGN. “Powerful virtual environments like ESOMAR, Power Station, and The Power Generation will enable users to relax from their work and to actively use conferencing resources to support users’ activities throughout their career. We also are committed to bringing technology to diverse sectors of society, including those that suffer from fatalities and disasters. When combined with advancements in Networking technologies such as virtual networking capabilities like Embedded Media Environment, which are used for building ultra-high capacity content-management services like Corda, we can see an incredible range of new business opportunities emerging for academia.”


ESRI is partnering with the MIT Media Lab to further enable and support the Office System through web-enabled management of sessions and meetings, and provides access to this new tool through the Streamline of Research Program, the now-defunct Virtual Environments Program and ESXi® APIs.