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Aquatec, 2016-12-28

This shop has two men working by the seat of their pants. They made me feel bad for having to make their grandkids cry.

Here is a nice piece of interior decor from Miami based JBT Design Studio. This aquatecan got me excited by its brilliant interior and I could never have imagined that I was going to buy a fancy one from JBTS. It may not look like a gold ring or a watch, but it's exactly what I needed for my office lamps.

Make sure to check out the larger brochure on their website

My office furniture is extremely comfortable, nicer to use than the Hi-End in some of the rooms I own.


Last but not least, this is a brand new two-story walk-up in downtown Miamistead.

My bosses love this machine and I think it's a fine addition to our current office heating system.

It has nice filter windows (the mood lighting system works better), and has a complete kit as well as a smart-phone hub.

If you like innovations and big ideas, then this is definitely the model you should look at.

Finally, if you are feeling really adventurous, check out this office from Danya & James Design Studio, Miamibuy Miaminita a New World Creation.