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Code for line 29: I will show you the attack and how it works as I have made a few suggestions of how to make your life easier, in case it seems to be a personal issue.

First off I would like to address the “Installing the Kasperssky Internet Security (IHK) by KasperoN” command. I will use this command because it is the default installation option for IHK.

Please note that this is not the one command that will make life easier.

You will get Patch Pack 1.0.1 and Trojan Hunter HTLM module in your address bar and will have another option to update the security by opening the KAV (KasperskAware VPN/Portal) and check the version number.

Then to manage yourself, you can use the “Getting KAV Update” menu, which shows the downloading date and the time of the update.

If you are not sure how to update, please use the F1 key to link the Kav release and check it in the arcane “KAV Updates” button.

Your KAV download will be pushed when you click the button, and after a time period, the Karperskalleria will automatically update your session to this latest version.

Ask me and I will remove this bug.

I have made ten suggestions and hope to look into various other examples of attacks and how to them prevent.


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