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To: JimmyChooseYouInc

Subject: Re: FAQ on the Insider, Investigator and Manager

I don't know the details of your accuser but after reading the sworn statement from the girl's side I think this accuser is completely lying. She knew her own situation could have been worse and she knows now. That she didn't want to end up being arrested and she did want her co-workers to believe she wasn't the source of leak this is a pretty shameful decision. I would assume she would also be pressured to tell her friends about this issue as she did mention there were friends she shared with on the social networking site, she would have to ask and say she was the source because she was going to suffer the embarrassment of being arrested. People think this is just the herd mentality where once a kid tries things and they succeed they can do it again. I do think that this situation is being used as an excuse for wanting to take legal action against a company. I have not seen anything to indicate that this organization is dishonest and trying to kick a few people's bucket. I think people should be very careful what they say. If they believe this accusation, that they might end up in jail or even they could be prosecuted. I don't see how it makes any sense to even use the word leak.

You're welcome to share this FAKE NEWS.

The information you provide is absolutely not reliable. Have you actually read the swearing-in tape of this woman? Apparently your co-founder put a video in but this woman was not chosen by her cohorts and she has never been on the board. That the video appears on the site online without her own permission is completely outrageous. I am pretty sure that the workplaces you interviewed at the time are still in place and women have already had their information used to test people at the company. The company is made up of women and men and if women tell their co-signers of this fact, that tape only makes things look worse. Finally, I would like to make it clear that I am not the PR section chief or a social media expert but I have worked at this industry for 15 year