Дубли h1 install socialfish v3.0

Дубли h1 install socialfish v3.0.3 Automake 2011-04-15 10:34:56 | #58690 | #1 | A lot of great stuff. Clearly a smaller version/improved search engine to detect and to identify which search engine anchors the relevant pages. Included 60 new search engine variables. What I didn't know is that this finds all Google search results from earlier versions of the (first) version too. Gmail+Twitter+Facebook+Google+Bing+Yahoo+AOL. The Apache Issue report is more detailed, but not quite as helpful as the social. I tried Google+ but it's not out of the question. There's a newer version of Google+, but it doesn't appear to have such advantages. Complete translation seems to be available. I've been following a few other searches and results. All the HTML source code is easily available on GitHub. I guess that's most of the things I need to get started.