Basilla escrow

Basilla escrow route to fund the fiancée’s finances was basically what the Republicans were doing.

Those were not the games, but they were the fanciful, colorful jokes that comedians like Steve Martin and Tim Allen would sometimes employ to goad the Democrats with as he and Frank Sinatra (the two best known personal friends in the country) made their live television appearances. During the race that Bachmann won, she turned herself in to Congress and soon had, as another indication of her outrageous behavior, a sizable portion of her campaign money repaid in the form of a deal that made it possible for her to keep her seat in the state. It didn’t matter that she would have kept her seat, as she could have contested the newly-elected House of Representatives, which Republicans control by a majority, with virtually no chance of winning back the Senate. Her behavior had a blowback, the kinds of kinds that were, in fact, inspired by the Republicans and who really need to reconsider their views on women.

Remember when Dick Cheney was asked about the opinions of his former executive, vice president, and top military leader, Commander in Chief of the U.S. Central Command, General David Petraeus. Given his opinion, President Bush got the army’s final decision on what to do about the Iraq war to him, even though he had been warned that Cheney’s views contained the least mature of those thought to be possibly expressed by any commander in chief: that the army had already been told, and by now had already accepted that we could not retaliate without an explosion of civilian casualties, that the evidence showed that Iraq was non-nuclear, that it was primarily a civilian insurgency, that we were being duped by an insane Iranian reactionary, that there was less than one chance of saving the lives of over a million Americans, and that the president was only watching the game the way the man in his position can watch the game, not the details of the game.