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Cross-border trip

– If we are lucky, we will be living in Hong Kong for the next few months. We have decided to move to HongKong with Christopher Hunt over the past two months after he married a Chinese woman, and the delays from the marriage cause the situation to be extremely stressful. We currently pay rent and save money for the first time in our life; we plan on paying for our city hospitalisation, and finding a house for the following few months before moving. We will also work on making our Chinese passport work in HK.

We also leave several friends behind in Australia due to the problems with the multicultural British laws. We miss these friends and admire the culture of Australia. If we can get to Australia, we are very excited about going to Australia as I think the country is quite cool.

All this really means that we have lots of work ahead of us. We also have many friends in Australia. We are already planning on being in touch with them if we miss the US. We wish them all the best, as we are so sorry to see them leave.

We are planning on going to Korea this summer to live in a Japanese boarding house, so it is a good opportunity to come away to a different culture.

I also want to thank my fellow Korean adults for supporting me during my travels as well as the drupalschool staff.

Many of you have been waiting for my blog, so we will take this another step here. All of you are great and everybody has the hearts and talent for doing something good.

In regards to teaching drupa in Australia, I am very sad that people who have done my teaching have not even made contact with me. I will try to sort that out in the near future.

Oh, and I also wish you all the love and support that you have provided to me.

Your Kim Jun-ah.